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The Planet Virus Project aims to share international expert opinions and insights with a global audience ranging from persons with a healthy interest in the Planet Virus-related topic to the hardcore experts. We are looking to share insights from organizations such as academic institutions, technology/process-driven companies, hospitals, pharmacies, governments and this from all over the globe, independent of the size of the organization. In addition and very importantly, we also want to hear the voice from individual persons such as covid-19 patients and their caregivers, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, surgeons,…

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Health House is a world class experience centre in Belgium (Leuven - Brussels) where its visitors can experience the future of health and care. We want to show how technology will have an impact on the future of our healthcare. We have over 70 interactive screens, a 3D-movie theater, a Kinect room, a digital anatomy table, 9 Virtual Reality units and much more.

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As a creative agency we surf on the edge of change, supporting our clients with the power of imagination. We tend to dive deep into complex matters, making us an ideal partner to transform business goals into smart strategies and tangible ideas. Our in-house copywriters, designers, film makers, animators and developers give birth to the unexpected. And nothing thrills us more than when the execution of our ideas surpasses our own imagination.

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Driven by Health – Onze Wereld gevaccineerd - 2 maart 2021

‘Driven by Health’ is een seminariereeks over de toekomst van de gezondheidszorg. Het is een gezamenlijk initiatief van Leuven MindGate, Health House, KU Leuven en UZ Leuven. In ons eerste panelgesprek kijken we met topsprekers naar het 'nieuwe normaal' na vaccinatie.

Driven By Health


Vaccine development
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Hacking COVID-19
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Tree of Life
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What is a virus?
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Zoonotic spillover
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Pandemic History
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Impact on the Economy
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Humans Coexist with viruses
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The global impact of COVID-19
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Micro-organisms - The foundation of our biosphere
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Sars-CoV-2: The Novel Coronavirus
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Excess Deaths
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Coronacrisis timeline
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Planet Virus gives in-depth coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic and paints a picture of how life will be in post-COVID times. Both online and in our experience centre.

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